What is Penile Prosthesis, Happiness Stick, Penile Prosthesis?

Penile Prosthesis surgery is the operation in which the patient can quickly return to his normal life. Do not delay your health, you can make an appointment for Diagnosis and Treatment immediately. In recent years, erectile dysfunction has been observed quite frequently in men as a result of both organic, socioeconomic and psychogenic disorders.

While psychogenic erectile dysfunction is more common in young patients, organic and hormonal disorders are more prominent in patients over 50 years of age.

Whatever the cause, erectile dysfunction is a condition that must be treated and seriously disrupts the quality of life. Agents injected into the penis can be used as a second-line treatment for erectile dysfunction in which drugs and Happiness vaccine treatment are used in the first-line treatment.

In cases where these two treatment methods are not effective, penile prosthesis applications should be considered as a treatment option. Penile prostheses are evaluated in 2 groups as malleable and inflatable prostheses. Malleable prostheses are one-piece and bendable prostheses.

It is easier to apply and use than inflatable prostheses, and the biggest handicap is their cosmetic appearance.

Its cost is lower. Inflatable prosthesis is the prosthesis closest to the natural state, although the cost is higher, and the degree of satisfaction is quite high. Both types of prostheses are placed with a 1-hour surgical procedure. The patient stays in the hospital for 1 day and sexual intercourse is prohibited for 6 weeks.

What should be considered when deciding on the type of prosthesis?

  • Age of patient and spouse
  •  Patient’s preference
  • Dexterity of the patient
  • penis size
  • Ratio between penile length and scrotum size
  • Overall size of the scrotum
  • The size of the glans penis
  • Having a penile prosthesis in the past
  • Peyronie’s disease or penile curvature
  • Presence of previous surgeries (urinary bag, prostate and large intestine, kidney transplant, leg vascular surgery)
  • If so, the type of surgery (open laparoscopy or robotic)
  • Patient’s body type
  • Presence of very prominent supra-pubic fat pad
  • General health of the patient
  • life expectancy 
  • Preparation Phase for Penile Prosthesis Surgery

Before deciding on penile prostheses that provide a definitive solution to erection problems, it is necessary to diagnose the psychological and physical problems that cause the erection problems of the patients. If these problems cannot be resolved with other methods after diagnosis, then penile implant options should be considered.

How Are Penile Prosthesis Surgeries Performed?

One-piece prosthesis surgeries take 30-45 minutes, while three-piece prosthesis surgeries take 1-1.5 hours. The operations can be performed from the abdomen or between the ovarian sac and the penis. Patients with penile prosthesis are discharged after 1 or 2 days of hospitalization and should be checked by their doctor one week later. Patients with penile prosthesis can start sexual intercourse after 6 weeks.

Experiences After Penile Implant Operations

Patients can return to their normal lives in a short time after the operation. However, as with any surgical intervention, they may feel some pain. These pains can last for several weeks. Due to the risk of infection after the operation, prescribed antibiotics should be used. 6 weeks after the operation, patients can return to their daily sexual activities. In order to gain practice during this time, it is recommended that patients practice how to use implants under the supervision of a doctor.

People for whom penile prostheses are not suitable

Before surgery, patients are seen by the anesthesiologist. Any patient who is suitable for anesthesia can undergo penile prosthesis surgery. however, penile prosthesis is not suitable for patients with severe psychiatric disorders. 

Risks of Penile Prosthesis

Although the risks of penile prostheses are extremely rare, this does not mean that they do not exist. One of the problems created by these prostheses is infection. The risk of infection with antibiotic-coated dentures is less than 5 per thousand. Infection usually occurs within the first 10 days. If swelling, redness and discharge develops in the penis, ovaries or wound site, it is necessary to contact the doctor who performed the surgery without delay. Another problem is the deterioration of prostheses over time. 

Advantages of Penile Prosthesis

The desired result in the operations applied for penile prostheses should be able to have sexual intercourse at any time and without any difficulties.