What you need to know about: Peyronie

Curvature of the Penis, What is Peyronie?

Penile curvature, or peyronie’s disease, is a urological disorder that seriously affects the quality of life in men, which can develop due to congenital causes of unknown origin or as a result of traumas during adolescence and later during sexual intercourse.

Every man can have 15-20 degrees of upward, downward or right and left curvature.
Curvatures up to these kinds of deviations do not cause problems during sexual intercourse.
It is considered normal in appearance. Curvatures above these degrees require absolute treatment.

Although many treatment alternatives have been developed to date, not much progress has been made with drugs or medical treatments. Today, the most current non-surgical method used in penile curvature is ESWT treatment. In a 12-session treatment process using sound waves, the curvature is corrected by trying to eliminate the hardness or plaque that causes the curvature of the penis. The success rate of the treatment is at the level of 70% to 80%. 

It is a successful treatment method that has no side effects and does not change the patient’s quality of life.

P-Shot/Happiness Vaccine can be applied in cases where no success is achieved in ESWT treatment, and current success rates are a very good treatment method. Very good results are obtained with 3 sessions of P-Shot / Happiness Vaccine treatment applied to the area of hardness, plaque and curvature. Surgical intervention is the last treatment option in cases where there is no response from these treatment alternatives. With surgical treatment and developing surgical techniques, 90-100% success can be achieved.