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Penile enlargement

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Penis Enlargement, Penis Extension with Fat transfer or penile filler

Penis length and thickness are among the most frequently discussed topics among the male population. Although there are racial and social differences in the studies, each penis over 6 cm can perform its sexual function and is considered sufficient in terms of sexual satisfaction on both sides.

Except for organic and hormonal disorders, any penis size can be considered normal. In recent years, a large number of men who are not satisfied with their penis size and this particular situation negatively affects both their psychological and sexual life, may be referred to our center for penis enlargement.

Although these patients are told that the penis size is normal, it has been observed that it is very difficult to treat the psychological disorders of the patients themselves.

For this reason, visually satisfying treatments that have no side effects and aim to fulfill the self-confidence of the patient has come to our Center for such treatment. 

The first-line of such treatment in these situations is the happiness vaccine treatment.

Satisfactory results are obtained after 3 sessions of happiness vaccine treatment with the injection of cells obtained from the patient’s own blood into the penis.

Penile Oil Injection is the most effective of the surgical treatments for penis enlargement and the one with the least complication rate. Under General Anesthesia, the fat tissue is taken from the belly area by liposuction and it is injected around the penis.

It is a surgical method with very low complication rates, which may require repetition in some cases without side effects. The patient is discharged on the same day with a penile bandage. A four-week of sexual abstinence applies in this case.