What is ESWT Shock Wave Therapy?

Eswt Therapy,  namely Shock Wave Therapy, is a new non-invasive treatment method based on focusing shock pressure waves created outside the body to the area of the body that needs to be treated, via an applicator head.

Shock waves are high pressure sound waves. Moreover; ESWT has also been accepted as a treatment option in cases of chronic prostatitis. ESWT new treatment areas for about 10 years; 

What ESWT Shock Wave Therapy Effect?

This treatment method increases the blood supply of the tissue in the area you are uncomfortable with, allowing the body’s own treatment mechanisms to come into play. It also completes the treatment by providing regeneration of damaged tendons and tissues.

In Which Diseases Is ESWT Used?

  • In Urolology
  • In orthopedics
  • In internal medicine
  • In cardiology
  • Diabetic Extremity Wounds
  • Used in Coronary Arteriosclerosis Cases
  • Musculoskeletal Tendonitis and Tenosynovitis

How is ESWT Treatment Applied?

In ESWT Treatment, the treatment time in soft tissue sessions is between 5 and 20 minutes. There are 3 and 5 sessions. After a total of 3 and 5 sessions with an interval of 5 to 7 days, there is a high rate of recovery and within 4 and 6 weeks, pain and complaints are largely eliminated, increasing the patient’s quality of life.
What are the Advantages of ESWT Treatment?

ESWT is painless and does not require anesthesia. The patient receives outpatient
treatment and receives rapid positive results. Although this treatment method is
permanent for the patient, it is an economical treatment method. ESWT treatment has
no significant side effects other than mild redness or swelling on the skin. Patients
can continue their daily work after treatment sessions. It is the latest technological
method applied today, which provides a permanent recovery of 80% to 90% in a
short time without anesthesia and medication.

Who is not a good candidate for ESWT?

  • In penile region cancers
  • In those with serious bleeding disease
  • It cannot be applied to patients diagnosed with penile prosthesis (happiness stick).

When Does the Patient Notice the Effect?

Within 1 week from the first session, reduction in pain and improvements similar to placebo can be seen. However, approximately 8 to 12 weeks should be given for permanent recovery to occur.

Is ESWT Treatment Safe?

No permanent side effects of Eswt have been reported. There may be minimal pain during treatment. It is normal.